We made this video for our friends and families in Sweetwaters, but want you to use it if you need to! It is free. Feel free to download and translate into other languages. We just ask you attribute iThemba with a link to our website, Facebook page, or other social media.


In this time of crisis we believe we all need to come together and share what resources we have, as quickly as we can. Knowledge empowers. Schools, hospitals, governments, churches, individuals, share as much as you can! We'd love to know how you're using it, so we know if it was useful.


If you are a corporate company using this for training purposes we do ask that you make a donation to our ongoing work if you are able. Just donate what you think is fair.


Our EFT info is:


Account Name: iThemba Trust Sweetwaters

Bank: First National Bank

Branch: Bank Street (Code: 22082500)

Account Number: 62154083407

Code for Foreign Electronic Transfer: FIRNZAJJ

Branch Address: 207 Church Street, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 3201



This will help us to keep serving the kids in Sweetwaters through education and mentoring when this crisis is over


For more information on Covid-19 visit:


Or phone the emergency hotline: 0800 029 999


iThemba believes that when communities are restored, everyone benefits. We’ve seen destructive cycles in Sweetwaters caused by economic inequality, racism, poor education, and a lack of role models and  opportunities. At iThemba, we partner with people in the Sweetwaters community, working together to break these cycles. By working together and listening to each other, we believe we can create an environment that is empowering, where people can realize their full potential. We don’t think our work is a one-way street. When communities like Sweetwaters are restored, all of us benefit.

Sweetwaters is a vibrant community, but faces many challenges. In order for Sweetwaters to flourish, we have to overcome these challenges together. Click to find out more.

We feel that there is a better way of helping hurting communities. With long term partnership and a focus on systemic change, people in Sweetwaters will transform their community. Click to learn about our strategy.

We have developed multiple programmes in partnership with people in Sweetwaters to unlock this community’s potential. Click to learn more about our programmes.

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