Change 1 / Change 1000

Cycle the height of Mt Everest and change the first 1000 days of a child's life.

The Challenge: Everesting


Everesting is an extreme cycling challenge where an individual cyclist attempts to cycle the vertical metres of Mount Everest in one go. That means doing a total of 8848m total vertical elevation gain. Those who successfully complete this challenge will be registered on the official Everesting website. Cyclists can also push for entrance to the High Roulers Society if they complete 10,000 vertical metres or more in the 48 hour time period.


Teams can also enter and attempt to meet personal cycling goals to get a collective 1000m or even 8848m.


Using a hill on the Hilton College Reserve, cyclists will do continuous cycling up and back, clocking vertical metres until they meet their goal, stopping only for bathroom breaks.

The Cause


The first 1000 days of a child’s life have the power to set the course of their lives. The majority of rapid brain growth happens in this window, as connections and pathways are built that lay the foundation for development. Everything from the ability to read, to be a critical thinker, to ride a bike, to one day start a business starts with the neural foundation laid in the first 1000 days.


At iThemba Projects, we are passionate about partnering with the community of Sweetwaters to see them break cycles of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, disease and unemployment; and we believe this starts with the first 1000 days.


Whether it is helping schools start organic, sustainable food gardens to get kids the nutrition they need, training 17 local women in quality Early Childhood Development, or working with 100 mothers and babies in their own homes to equip them in how to stimulate their children, we are committed to getting kids in Sweetwaters the opportunity to go on and succeed in life. Right now we’re impacting 700 kids through these programmes, but we want to push further.


We believe if a child in Sweetwaters (a community of 60 000 people)  can get the nutrition and early childhood stimulation they need to develop in their first 1000 days, these kids will have the potential to transform their world.


This is why we’ve invited off-road cyclists with a passion for adventure to Change1/Change 1000, pushing their limits to unlock the potential in thousands of lives, starting right here in Sweetwaters.


You can be part of the change by joining the cycling challenge—to cycle the vertical metres of Everest in 48 hours, as an individual or team—or by sponsoring a cyclist or team to reach their fundraising goal.


Let’s Change 1 to Change 1000: one metre, one rand, one life at a time.



  • Dates: 6-8 September
  • Cost: There is no entrance fee. As a fundraiser, the goal is for individuals or teams to raise a minimum of R1000 towards iThemba Projects Early Childhood Development projects. This can be paid directly as a donation to iThemba Projects, or, if individuals want to set up a fundraising page to get sponsorship per metre, they can use Backabuddy. See "Fundraising FAQ" below.
  • Please note, as this is a challenge, not an official race, there is no cyclist support offered. There is a tap on-site, toilet, and a boma/sheltered area for seconds/supporters. Please come equipped for your ride with your own second, energy drinks, etc. All participants do so at their own risk.

Registration and Information:





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