Our Response


We believe that partnering with the community through building sustainable relationships results in an environment where the people of Sweetwaters can create the solutions to the issues they face.



We want to partner with parents, grandparents, teachers, and traditional authorities in Mpumuza to bring hope to this community. We believe in asset-based community development: focusing on the strengths and skills present in Mpumuza, and assisting people in building on that. We strive to build capacity, to “help without hurting”, and to be open and honest with all our stakeholders. We also believe in linking communities and helping be a bridge for others to partner with people in Mpumuza in sustainable, empowering ways.




The reason we're so tightly focused on reaching 60-70% of the children and teens in this community with our education and mentoring programmes is that we believe if we can step in and change a generation, they will grow up to be the teachers, leaders, and mentors that this community needs.

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